The Arresting Souls MC is a law enforcement motorcycle club
Its members are full time Law Enforcement Officers
with full powers of arrest within their jurisdiction
honorably retired Law Enforcement Officers
who had full powers of arrest within their jurisdiction.

The intent of our club is to offer law enforcement officers
with the enthusiasm of riding motorcycles
a sense of camaraderie
brotherhood and the opportunity to RIDE .
We are dedicated and loyal to our Club,
to each other
to each other’s families
and to our profession.
The Thin Blue Line is the internationally recognized phrase that symbolizes our

The blue line represents each of us who daily protect this nation.

The black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen brother
and sister officers.
All logos and the name ARRESTING SOULS MC are registered marks with the United States Patent and Trademark office.
This website and images contained herein are property of the Arresting Souls MC and their use shall not be granted without the expressed written consent of the Arresting Souls MC  Foundering Chapter.